• 1939-1945 Star (Battle of Britain Clasp)

1939-1945 Star (Battle of Britain Clasp)

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Product Description: This Miniature 1939-1945 Star medal with Battle of Britain Clasp is made from lead-free pewter that is 22ct gold plated. It is supplied with approximately 9cm of ribbon. The medal is mounted on a fold-over information card that has an image of Spitfires on patrol on the front and has historical information about the medal and cover image on the reverse.

Information: This medal, without a clasp, was awarded for service in the Second World War between 3rd September 1939 and 2nd September 1945 to members of the Royal Navy with six months service afloat in areas of active operations; to army personnel for six months service in an operational command, except for service in Dunkirk, Norway and in some specified commando raids and other services for which the qualifying period was one day. Airborne troops qualified if they had participated in any airborne operations and had completed two months service in an operational unit. RAF personnel qualified if engaged in operations against the enemy, provided that two months service had been completed with an operational unit. Non-aircrew personnel had to complete six months service in the area of an operational army command, except that service in Dunkirk and in Norway etc, also counted.

Clasp – Battle of Britain – This clasp was only given to RAF crew for action during the Battle of Britain (10 July – 31 October 1940).

Cover Image – Spitfires on patrol during the Battle of Britain. The destructive power of the Spitfire was 8 x .303mm browning machine guns which proved very effective against both fighters and bombers of the German Luftwaffe.

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