• France and Germany Star

France and Germany Star

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Product Description: This Miniature France and Germany Star medal is made from lead-free pewter that is 22ct gold plated. It is supplied with approximately 9cm of ribbon. The medal is mounted on a fold-over information card that has an image of British troops moving inland from a beach on the front and has historical information about the medal and cover image on the reverse.

Information: This medal was awarded for operational service between 6th June 1944 to 8th May 1945 in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Germany. Service in the English Channel, North Sea and Bay of Biscay in connection with the campaign in northern Europe also qualified.

Cover Image – On the 6th June, 1944, D-Day, 2700 ships carrying landing craft and 176,000 soldiers crossed the English Channel. At 6.30am Allied troops stormed ashore the beaches of Normandy in the largest sea-borne invasion in history. The beaches were given code names – Gold, Utah, Sword, Juno and Omaha. Our picture shows British troops moving inland from their beached landing craft.

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